Premium Cannabis Operator

A vertically-integrated, multi-state operator (MSO) based in California

Best in class

Wholesale and Distribution

PrimeTime is a leading vertically-integrated cannabis company and multi-state operator headquartered in California.


Bringing together a core group of specialists who are leaders in their respective industries, Primetime is committed to providing the highest standard of product quality, consistency, and efficiency.

High-Level Expertise


our Core

Through its superior expertise and widespread industry network, PrimeTime is an operational powerhouse offering advanced solutions for manufacturing, brand sales, and distribution.

Branding & Packaging

The team at PrimeTime truly understands how successful brands are built.


They hone in on scale deficiency and strategize on how to make product branding and packaging at a consistent pace, while remaining cost-effective.


With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, PrimeTime produces an extensive variety of cannabis products ensuring quality every step of the way.


The leading cannabis operator is licensed and compliant to all of the industry regulations. Reliability and professionalism are its greatest asset and of top priority.


In utilizing its extensive, hands-on experience within the manufacturing space in the cannabis industry, it is no surprise that PrimeTime can efficiently handle products from prototype to production.


Through forward-thinking and quality assurance, our team has fine tuned opportunities to source biomass with ease, all whilst ensuring the same level of quality is preserved.


PrimeTime holds the knowledge required to optimize sourcing processes, in addition to the key relationships that are imperative to maintaining loyalty, especially when resources are low in the industry.


We do the legwork by extensively vetting farms that grow clean crops without the use of pesticides or harmful additives.

Retail Management

In the cannabis industry, It is incredibly vital to ensure that your company has product to sell throughout the year.


Especially if you’re making your own brands, being in the transactional flow will enable you to continually create product; this is what guarantees an effective supply chain.


Dispensaries give us the opportunity to not only sell your company’s product, but to also advocate and educate our community on the normalization of cannabis.


As the legal cannabis market evolves, PrimeTime is committed to identifying key markets to increase licensed accessibility of the plant to the consumer.


Agile Workflow

Our products are of superior standard; we are continually optimizing all of our production and distribution processes to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.


While producing and distributing product, there are always checkpoints at which our team is actively looking to streamline the overall production workflow.

Brand Portfolio


Agile Workflow

Our products are of superior standard; we implement the most up to date compliance throughout all of our production and distribution processes.
While continually producing and distributing product, there are always checkpoints at which our team is looking to streamline the overall workflow for efficiency.
We provide competitive pricing to our clients while providing higher quality material to work with.

Our expertise and streamlined workflow make us the prime example of operational excellence.

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